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August 03, 2008


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I used to work with a lady whose hubby took the free shipping crates the local newspaper gave away & made the nicest hump back hope chest out of them. He said the wood on the pallets were were really sturdy.
Off to check out the link! TFS!

Carol in OK


Yes, the shipping pallets are very sturdy. I had one that I cut apart and made a really cute bench. I painted and distressed it and sold it in my shop(which I no longer have). I am now going to start collecting them to make a wall in my new garden shed. I have the concept in my head and I think it's going to be very unique when finished. I love recycling!


I use them all the time (DH gets them from laying sod and from stonework he uses to landscape) My family knows that to touch one of my pallets mean some serious trouble!


palles are great and offer so many possibilities!! I want to bild a shed from some in my mom's yard but she isnt agrrable to it....just yet!! I had posted a link some time ago about what one can make form pallets..


i happen to really like that scarf/blanket thing hanging in the window of the first photo...you wouldn't happen to know where that came from would you?? :)

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