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April 30, 2008


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I love the bright colors! Esp that pink one :)
Happy Hump Day!


Looks like a great bag to carry with you when you aren't at the store for major shopping.


I had one of those 'oh s*%t' moments this weekend when I went grocery shopping. Some like this would be helpful.

andrea ayotte

the liquor store in canada is no longer using plastic bags. this would be the perfect substitute


clueless1/gina here from hgtv.You asked to post the doggie bed here.I posted back it was OK but am guessing you never saw my posr.


I have Oh S*%t moments all the time, so I'd love one of these. I love the aqua coloured one!


I didn't win one last time, maybe the second time's a charm?? Love these bags!


Love the concept, the colors, and the idea of winning.


So, try, try again . . .


i'm glad to give it another go.


As I have just gained conciousness and jumped on the green bandwagon, I would love to have this bag too add to the new steps I am taking.


will I be the lucky one? I keep going back to the house to pick up the fabric bag, this would be great to keep all the time with me :)


oooh...i love all things teeny, tiny, and cute...and of course green!

Heather Lafter

I'd love to win! I just bought a 99 cent bag at target this week..and the zip broke before the first zip!!!

Greta Sewars

Me! Me! Me! (waving hand wildly....) Please put me, SecondHandRosie, in the drawing for the cute shopping bag.

Thanks so much!

Greta Seward

lady godiva

a wonderful way for us all to go "green" think i need several of these fun loving bags.



Roses are red, I try to think green, these are the cutest little bags, that I've ever seen. What a great idea! I hope I'm your winner!!


Hi......I love the bags as well. I came here the first time to see thee light bulb vases. Love em'. I've been saving bulbs to paint on but now I think I've found another use...thanks!


These bags are great. I always have my reusable grocery bags in the back of the car, but these are perfect when bike riding to the farmers market etc. Rreally cute.


So you've been standing behind me in the grocery store and heard me mutter "oh s#@t"?

Seriously, those things are cool. Thanks for the heads up!


I'm back to give it another shot, 'cause I have alot of oh s%#t moments!


love these bags, and by the by...love your site.
thanks !


I would just LOVE to win this very handy bag! I have been greening up my life and this would be the perfect addition to my efforts. Please enter me and thank you!


Thanks for giving us another chance at win a reuseable bag. I would like to win this for my daughter. She would use this bag all the time. She doesn't like plastic or paper bags. She is trying to live green in anyway she can. And this bag could help her on her quest to green living.
Thanks again,


"Anything at all" There ... I said it! LOL

Now can I win that really cool bag?!

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