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December 08, 2009


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That is fucking adorable.

Ben Lyon

You are not kidding, that is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. Wish I had a dog to put in one!

Nicole Catroppo

I love these! my other blogging friend, TheWren, had also posted this dog bed idea and she and I both have large dogs, so we were saying we would need a trunk! You had the opposite experience. hahah. What you came up with is ADORABLE! Love it! So sweet!

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Very cool! I have a HUGE collection of vintage cases!


Just adorable! Hmmm -- I have a kitty who would just love such a bed.

aj at Sophie's Cottage

Just found your blog and will be sure to return! May I post your link in our list of favorites on our Trash to Treasure blog?



Sure AJ - I'd be honored!
- Veronica


Soooo cute! I wish my dogs would fit in a stylish suitcase bed like that ;-)


My only concern would be the lid falling onto the doggie, possibly trapping her inside. How do you keep that from happening?


Hey! Thanks for all the great info. I was browsing through a bunch of green websites and blogs and I came across yours and found it very interesting. There are a bunch of others I like too, like the daily green, ecorazzi and earthlab.com. I especially like EarthLab.com’s carbon calculator (http://www.earthlab.com/signupprofile/). I find it really easy to use (it doesn’t make me feel guilty after I take it). Are there any others you would recommend? Can you drop me a link to your favorites (let me know if they are the same as mine).



Condo Blues

What a great way to reuse a funky suitcase! A comfy bed with a built in toybox? What dog wouldn't like that ?!


Theresa--my thoughts exactly. I have three boys and there's *no way* the lid would stay up unless I did something to make it stay that way. Glue the hinges? I don't know...


very neat idea!!


Actually, the hinges are so tight on this suitcase that they stay up all by themselves. Winnie is so little she could never pull it closed. But for other cases I've seen straps affixed to the lid to prevent it closing. I think the designer mentions it in her DIY instructions. Can you imagine coming home and finding Fido trapped in his suitcase? Not so funny! Well...a little :)


Thanks for your comments!

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OMG! How cute is that! So adorable :)


Hi! Can you please email me? I'm interested in publicizing one of this dog craft -- you can get my email on www.dogfessions.com or www.dogvice.com. Thanks!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

Such an awesome idea! Bailey would love this!

Alexandra Goicoechea

That is adorable. I like your execution even better than the one by Kristen! I actually even have a hat suitcase like that. Now I just need a dog!

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